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I went to film school, not art school, so I am always interested in reading about folks’ artistic processes.  Illustrator Chris Silas Neal has a number of interesting case studies on his approach(es) on his website.  I’m not going to paraphrase here, cuz you have to read about process to process his process!  It’s a good read and you can flip back to earlier posts at the bottom of the page, if you like this kind of thing, as I do.

I love all the mixing of media, flipping back and forth from analog to digital.  Gotta see what I can do about that in my life.

It’s also amazing and foreign to see what the luxury of a little time and back and forth give you.  Time to think and collaborate.  As I work mostly in TV, this concept is incredibly strange to me!  It shoots tomorrow!  Ok…here we go!

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